Baptisms, Birthdays, and Beaches- OH MY!

May was definitely a month to remember. We baptized 9 believers, I turned 30, and so much more. I am going to share briefly some of the main highlights of May.

  • May 2018 was one of the best months up to date. It was incredible to see people asking to get baptized. They had actually been waiting on me to set up the service; they were so excited. Each of the 9 people that got baptized are new believers. I talked to each one of them individually about their salvation, each one explained to me in great detail their belief in Jesus and the gospel. We also then talked through exactly what baptism means and everyone fully understood it before they were baptized. Most of these people’s families are Catholic which made it a harder to take this important decision as a Christian to publicly announce to the world that they are believers, yet they did! I am so proud of them. They invited their non- believing family members and friends and many came. One lady experienced great persecution from her family, and she backed out of getting baptized, but the night before she decided she was going to do it. She understood that Jesus was more important than what her family thought/ how they treated her. All glory to God for the great things He has done.
  • May 23rd was my 30th birthday. I have almost lived in Peru a decade; almost all of my 20s have been here serving Jesus in Peru. My good friends Michael and Jessica were coming down to visit me on my actual birthday, so the Peruvians were super sneaky and did a surprise party before my actual birthday! The entire church was there and everyone pitched in to help. It was decorated beautifully, there were great snacks, two cakes, a piñata, a clown, a person in a bugs bunny costume, and a girl made me this beautiful box that unfolded with a tons of cards from our church members. I felt so loved! It was a great celebration!
  • We also went to the homeless shelter again where my good friend Yolanda lives. We decorated visors and made name cards to go over their beds. We went to visit on a Peruvian holiday, so several youth from our church went and did a great job helping. We have been sharing the gospel using hand motions and using lots of repetition. We all explain the story of Jesus together, using simple phrases with motions. Some of the ladies there really understand the things we are teaching because they verbally express it. I have great hope and confidence that the others are learning too, just because they can not express themselves verbally does not mean they are not learning. The picture of Yolanda with a book is because they found out she knows how to read! I was in total shock. The therapist was working with them one day and found out she can read. She barely speaks, but she can read almost anything. That was just a great reminder of all that God is doing in Yola’s life. We don’t know much about her life, but sometime before I found her on the street she had been educated and had a different life. I am hoping to take her a children’s Bible story book so she can start reading about God. I am so excited!

Baptisms, Birthdays, and Beaches- OH MY!

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