Perú in the World Cup- 1st time in 36 years


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For the first time in 36 years, Peru qualified to head towards the World Cup! The Peruvian soccer team had won or tied eleven consecutive games in the months leading up to Russia. The country experienced unification over the excitement of the World Cup. In fact, over 40,000 World Cup tickets were sold to Peruvians. This event has been anticipated by citizens old and young.


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Peru played Denmark in the first game and then played the intimidating France team. Although Peru lost the first two games, they ended on a strong note by defeating Australia 2-0.

Peru v. Denmark (0-1)

France v. Peru (1-0)

Australia v. Peru (0-2)

Checkout this YouTube video for further insight on the uniting effect:

World Cup fever in Peru unites the country

Floods and Landslides of 2017


Casma, where Para Peru took a team of Peruvians to help with mudslide relief

On January 16th of 2017, heavy rains from Arequipa triggered mudslides throughout the area. In the end, 72 people died as a result of the natural disaster. ReliefWeb reported over 1.7 million Peruvians were affected. Homes were destroyed, lives were lost, and crops were washed away. Lauren shared that the price of limes, a staple in Peru, was driven so high they were nearly unaffordable.

Para Peru’s supporters stepped up and contributed ten thousand dollars in disaster relief. This was used to take a team of fourteen on site. We thank each of the contributors for continuing to be faithful, not only in the small commitments, but in crisis too. With this support, over six tons of food were delivered in 150 food crates. The Gospel was shared through crafts and a skit and each family received a Bible. Seventy of the families received money and hygiene products. Para Peru also received a generous donation of clothes from Dress a Girl. All of these outreach efforts were a vessel for the Good News of Jesus Christ!

The link provided shows the exact moment mud entered the streets of San Juan de Lurigancho: El preciso momento de la inundación de San Juan de Lurigancho. Fast forward to 2:20.