Para Peru has the opportunity to host events outside of the weekly Bible studies and discipleship classes. The church celebrates the birthdays of church members quarterly and also has an annual youth retreat. Christmas is the biggest special event Para Peru hosts in a year. During Christmas of 2017, the ministry was able to put on a Christmas production in ten neighborhoods, meaning 3500 Peruvians heard the Gospel!

Hosting groups from the States also brings the opportunity for special projects. Recently, a group from Texas brought hundreds of socks to pass out to children and families at each Bible study or discipleship meeting. This is just one example of the ways groups bless Para Peru above and beyond.

Finally, Para Peru uses special events to respond to current environments in the country. Natural disasters, such as the mudslides of 2017, demand extra support, particularly financially. A crucial aspect of living in another country as missionaries is being involved in the current condition of the country as a whole. The current events page will be kept up to date with incidences as they arise.

Please take time to see the extraordinary ways God works!